My family (right to left, Gabe, Elly, me, and Lily on bottom)  and I enjoying  vacation 2016!



The above photo was taken at an event we participated in as a vendor of arcade machines at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis in October of 2012.

About Us

Like many others, I am a product of the 80's. That means, Starcade- The great TV arcade game show, Commodore 64 / AMIGA computers, some of the best Big Hair Rock n' Roll bands ever created and of course the Golden Age of video games.

I studied computer programming and electronic repair in school.  As a teenager, I have always loved my trusty Commodore 64 and Commodore AMIGA computers. I also ran a successful BBS in Indianapolis for several years (mid 80's to early 90's). (POP QUIZ - Do you know what a BBS is?)  After High School, I worked as a sub-contractor doing electronic repairs for Sony.  In the fall of 1996, I bought a full size arcade machine, the legendary Mortal Kombat, to put in our house.  That's when my passion for these machines was reignited.  I began to collect them.  First the Mortal Kombat, then Asteroids, then along came Paperboy (Oh, how I loved Paperboy!).  My home collection now encompasses 13 full sized arcade machines that includes a sit down HydroThunder and sit down Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift among classics such as Donkey Kong, the original Star Wars, Battlezone, Track and Field, Frogger, Pole Position and more.  Through several years of repairing and restoring these games, I have gained experience and found my passion.  In 2010, I decided to share my experience with others while repairing and restoring hidden treasures, long forgotten games in garages, basements, warehouses, and selling them to friends and neighbors out of my garage.  The word spread rapidly of my abilities and passion.  The result:  Arcade Rescue 911.  As we grew, we moved our operations to a separate facility at 5002 Madison Avenue in Indianapolis, Indiana.  We have successfully operated out of this location since 2010.  Our customers have now grown to include fun centers, roller rinks, professional athletes, musicians and even Hollywood props!  We have been featured in the Southside Times and the Southside Business Leader.  We sell face to face, via Facebook, Ebay and more.  We've shipped games as far as Denmark.  My wife and I have 2 beautiful children and my passion is now shared by my entire family.  As a family, we operate this Indianapolis small business together.  Our passion is contagious!  My brother in law is our detail expert.  With his help, the quality of the product that leaves our shop is exceptional! 

About Arcade Rescue 911